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"Stop pushing people away. You can’t live your life this way."

The Courteeners (via albioncreed)

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"You don’t have to tell me I smoke too much.
You don’t have to mention that my voice makes your ears hurt.
You don’t have to say I don’t think before I speak,
Or that I eat too loud or drink more than I should.
My flaws are mine and I have never felt the need to hide them.
I know that my fingers bleed because I bite my nails too much.
I know my arms turn red because I can’t stop myself from scratching bug bites.
I know that my lips are cracked because I always lose my dollar store chap stick.
You don’t have to tell me I smoke too much."

I Don’t Want to Fight Right Now (#703: October 21, 2014)

Faerie Glen, Scotland

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{ clouds! stars! dancing! }

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Picos de Europa by jorge zapico on Flickr.